Election Update

I’ve just been notified that we won’t have certified results from Honest Ballot until Monday or Tuesday.


Annual Meeting Post-Mortem

That wasn’t at all like last year’s. The turnout was very small and there was surprisingly little shouting. I don’t have any other meeting to compare against so I don’t know if last year’s was the norm or if they’re usually more like tonight’s. Does the low turnout mean people are satisfied or too fed up to bother? We’ll know soon enough.

I don’t understand how it’s at all possible that letters people say they’ve submitted don’t get replies. I can say for a fact that any letter that’s reached us has been replied to and only Eugene and Gennady have the key to the shareholder letter box. We’re very responsive to people even when they might not like our answers; you can see proof of that here.

To the woman who told me to change the tone of my writing…no. As I said in person, I am who I am and you get the real me from day one no matter how we interact. I’m not rude — and rarely crude — but I don’t have time to don the velvet gloves for anyone. You and every other person who emails me, stops me outside, or posts a comment here usually get instant priority and detailed responses. That’s my time you’re getting for free which I do willingly but on my terms. I’m one of nine that represent you but I don’t work for you. Pay me a salary and I’ll comply with your requirements. Meanwhile, if you find me lacking in one way or another you’re free to try someone else that can better cater to your sensitivities.

Sunday 11/14: Swing to the sounds of the Gene Holm Orchestra

Sunday November 14th, 2010
$5 includes
11am mingle and possible swing dance lesson
12pm Full Kosher lunch
1pm-3pm music for your listening and dancing pleasure.

JASA of Luna Park

Located at the Luna Park Community Center
2880 West 12th Street (between Surf and Neptune Ave.
For reservations, please call Adrienne or Feride at 718-996-6666