Playground Closurer During Construction Hours


Construction Update – 2896 West 8th Street

Be advised, the demolition permit was delivered this morning at which time TCS has started on the demolition of the N,O,P,Q wing (2896 West 8th Street). Please take a moment to read below link with further information.

Facade Restoration Project Status Report


 Expansion Joint 

The expansion joint concrete work located at Wing 1 (2956 West 8 St.) is complete.

The expansion joint concrete work located at Wing 3 (2960 West 8 St.) is complete.

TCS is  re-bricking the areas around the wing access doors adjacent to the expansion joints. Wing 3 is complete and Wing 1 has 5 floors complete. Work is continuing.

The installation of the aluminum cover over the expansion joint is on-going.


Roof work and Railing 

The Railing have been approved and ordered (Dark bronze Color) by the Contractor and will be delivered mid- December.

The removal of the existing roof membrane and the application of a vapor barrier (temporary waterproofing) is completed for all 4-wings.

In apartment 20 J leaks have been reported by the tenant. TCS performed various water tests and a subsequent flood test which revealed a hairline crack in the structural slab. A new roof vapor barrier sheet was installed over the leaked area which appear to solve the leak. In other apartments who reported water intrusion, TCS, L&M and SSX inspected the areas and concluded that there are no leaks and the water is caused by condensation. TCS will proceed with roof insulation installation ASAP in order to prevent future occurrences of condensation.

A tapered layout was submitted by SIKARoof Manufacturer and L&M is reviewing it for approval.


Core Work 

Rebar cleaning & coating and Concrete patching with modified repair mortar is on-going. Approximately 60% of the concrete edges are complete. Work continues Decorative Block installation and EIFS insulation installation work is also on-going. approximately 6-7 floors are complete. Work continues. 




Wing 3 (2900 West 8th Street) and Wing 4 (2898 West 8 Street) brick rebuilding, window concrete sill and facade sealant application (around windows and at vertical facade joints) work is complete. 

Wing 1 (2896 West 8th Street)

All asbestos has been successfully removed. TCS has signed off with the DEP and is waiting for the release of the Work Permit for brick demolition. It is anticipated that brick demo will start early next week (week of November 14th, 2011). 


Wing 2 (2894 West 8th Street)

Asbestos abatement is on-going. It is anticipated that abatement will be completed early next week (week of November 14th, 2011). Approximately 7 to 10 days after that the brick demo will commence.



At all 4-Wings the first roof layer (vapor barrier) is installed. THERE ARE NO REPORTS OF LEAKS OR CONDENSATION IN THE TOP FLOOR APARTMENTS (20th Floor). 



Wing 4 (2883 West 12th Street) brick demolition is complete. Re-bricking and wall insulation is on-going. As of today TCS has completed 4-floors. Work continues.

Wing 1 (2885 West 12th Street) brick demolition is  complete. TCS has completed all steel angle cleaning and re-aligning, bolts and shims. New waterproofing is being installed up to 2nd floor. Work continues.