Election 2010 – Candidate Endorsements #2

To All Shareholders:

In the past year, you’ve gotten a taste of what a stable and functional board can do for Luna Park. We have an online blog and file archive to keep you updated on what’s going on, to give your feedback, and read meeting minutes or other notices. Dog runs, picnic area with inflatable pools, new fencing, trees, gardens, key fobs, gym; all free, funded from savings found in our existing budget, or expected to pay for themselves! The facade project is under way and moving rapidly. It will bring beautiful facades, new roofs and windows, halt the hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines we’ve had to pay, and get rid of those ugly sidewalk scaffoldings we’ve wasted millions of dollars on.

Ask yourselves, even though we’ve had some smart directors over the years, would any of this have happened before? Any past Luna Park board would’ve spent an entire year and thousands of dollars on professional reports to see if dog runs are possible without moving forward and a new election would cause the whole process to start over! Would they have even looked at a patch of grass and seen anything but grass? If you elect the right people, we’ll be able to explore new intercoms, lobby doors, saunas, a pool, extra gym features, a security fence around the whole block, better policy enforcement, parking lot expansions, a multi-level parking lot, self-storage, community room, hallway tile replacement, trees, gardens, and more. We have many ideas with the energy and skill to see them become reality but a lot of projects take months or years of preparation and motivation. None of these things are possible when new directors arrive filled with accusations and an unwillingness to listen to the old.

Keep a good thing going. Please vote for Gennady Rotberg, Irina Zeltser, Mark Tsalner, and choose YES/FOR on the ballot amendment.

We are hopeful of your continued support,

Keith Murphy – President, Anna Treybich – Vice President
Sally Stein – Treasurer, John Shkolnik – Assistant Treasurer
Gennady Rotberg – Secretary, Eugene Lyubronetsky – Assistant Secretary
Irina Zeltser – Director, Sherrie Rozinsky – Director