Certified Election Results

The below link has your certified election results for your information. The voting list by proxy will be up for viewing in all center bulletin boards this afternoon.



Interim Election Results – 2012

congratulations to the two incumbents, Keith Murphy, Eugene Litvak and welcome aboard Natalia Dubinskaya. Unfortunately  only three seats were up for election and Ms. Sally Stein was not re-elected. Ms. Stein was a wonderful board member who contributed for the best of Luna Park. We only hope she will continue her good work even though she is not a board member.


Continued Annual Meeting – Urgent Notice

Please read below link. For those stockholders who have not voted, you should have received a proxy via USPS. Please vote using the proxy and deliver it to the management office in the secured ballot box or send it back in the envelope provided to Honest Ballot Association immediately.

We need a quorum or risk another continuation of the Annual Meeting until we reach a quorum. Do not forget these are added expenses Luna Park does not need especially now after Hurricane Sandy has devastated our Luna Park.