Schedule of Surcharges

Julia, the link below shows all maximum income limits depending on our internal calculations with a maximum surcharge of 150%.


Lot #6 Vandalism

Black Toyota Rav4 broke the arm this morning trying to get out while the arm was up allowing for the first vehicle to exit. We know who you are and a fine will follow. We all know how these arms work, one customer at a time, just like an e-z pass. Two cars can never exit via one remote click. You are putting your vehicle at risk and any pedestrian traffic.

Amendment to Existing Parking Rules

The rules currently require that the shareholders vehicle registration show their Luna Park address. Thus, a shareholder, who could legitimately register a vehicle at a different address, example: non primary residence, in order to take advantage of lower vehicle insurance rates for such location, would be ineligible for a Luna Park space.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors amended its rules to allow for vehicles registered at other locations, thereby allowing shareholders who can legitimately register their vehicle at an alternate location to take advantage of what could be significant cost savings for shareholders.  You will still need a valid driver’s license with your Luna Park address.

Please be advised, that HPD has approved our request to amend the parking rules allowing for alternate address on your registration and insurance for your vehicle.

It’s The Law!

Bill:  Joe, why didn’t you pick up after your dog?

Joe:  The maintenance man will clean it up.

Bill: Our maintenance men are not our personal cleaners.

Joe: What do you mean?

Bill: Our maintenance men are here to keep our property clean, but we are to    help in this. Besides, it’s the law to clean up after your pet. Read the attached link below from the city.

Joe: Wow, I did not know this. I will make sure that I clean up after my dog. Thanks for letting me know.

Bill: I will suggest that we all read the attached link and help keep Luna Park clean.

Joe: Your right Bill! EVERYBODY…read the link, it’s the law. Let’s keep Luna Park clean, our kids play here!