Key Fobs

To All Shareholders:

Starting this week and extending over the next few months we’ll be rolling out a new key fob system to every building as part of our enhanced security initiative. A key fob is a small plastic item you can add to a keychain that has a unique identification built into it. When pressed to a special reader it checks the owner’s permissions and opens up if allowed. These readers will be placed at lobby doors, laundry doors, the gym, and will eventually cover everything we want to control access for. All readers are controlled by one central system so we can remotely disable someone’s access or grant more (like when you enroll in the gym) without requiring new fobs or keys. We can even specify at which hours of the day it works (example: the gym door won’t let members in between midnight and 5am but cleaning staff can still enter.) In case of power outage, the readers switch to the open position; this is a required safety measure for all such systems.

Until the system is installed and everyone has a key fob, our doors will have regular key locks. The system installation is quick, a few days per building, but it will take much longer to get a key fob to every resident. You’ll be able to arrange fobs for children, cleaning ladies, babysitters, etc. We’ll install first at building #2 where the gym is located and then it’ll be #1, #3, #4, #5. Gym members will be the first recipients of key fobs during this rollout. When it’s your building’s turn, you’ll receive a letter under your door with instructions on how to arrange key fobs for your household. Each fob will require a $15 deposit which you get back when you surrender the fob. Lose the fob, lose the deposit. For households that request it, we can spread the key fob deposit over a few months to accommodate financial circumstances. We’re paying for this system — including the fobs — by using the deposit fees. In this way Luna Park lost nothing from its own money and each shareholder gets back their deposit when they leave the complex. We call that a win-win.

Luna Park’s Board of Directors & Management