Election 2010 – Candidate Endorsement #1

To All Shareholders:

Luna Park’s annual election is just around the corner which means, once again, it’s that time of year when people come out of the woodwork to tell you how the board is filled with criminals and only these new candidates can save you from further catastrophe…then next year someone else will appear to call those new people criminals! It’s a decade-long tradition we’d like to break.

Faced with difficult facts we’ve had to make some tough choices, and we take responsibility for them, but this past year has also brought a lot of progress and change to Luna Park. The eight directors signed below have repeatedly worked past our own differences to deliver results instead of arguments and we’ve done it again for the election. If you agree that we’ve brought positive change to your lives and would like to see our home keep getting better, please help us elect Gennady Rotberg, Irina Zeltser, and Mark Tsalner. We have in mind ways for Luna Park to earn money and a lot of improvements we’d like to make but need a united board and the time to see them through to completion.

We would also like you to vote YES on the proposed by-law amendment. Luna Park’s commercial spaces are open to misuse. Directors should be forced to avoid sweetheart deals for themselves and their friends or that simply don’t benefit Luna Park appropriately.

There will be voting booths in every lobby all day on October 28th. Please, don’t give away your vote or let it go to waste. Get your neighbors and friends involved. Get the facts instead of the gossip. Don’t let an obnoxious manipulative minority rule and ruin this place! We can have much more luxury and modern amenities if you’re willing to stand up for us.

We are hopeful of your continued support,

Keith Murphy – President, Anna Treybich – Vice President
Sally Stein – Treasurer, John Shkolnik – Assistant Treasurer
Gennady Rotberg – Secretary, Eugene Lyubronetsky – Assistant Secretary
Irina Zeltser – Director, Sherrie Rozinsky – Director


Building #5: New Front Entrance

There’s now a new front entrance available for building #5. It’s accessed behind the lobby (going left when coming out of the building’s main doors) and deposits you on West 8th near the old front entrance sidewalk.

Thoughts on the 2010 Election

Election notices have gone out to everyone and already at least one candidate has begun going around spreading the same poison that’s infested this place for at least a decade. The real shame is it’ll probably be effective; too many LP residents seem susceptible to it.