Will fear work?

This was a topic of conversation over the weekend amongst some of us, inspired by the events at last week’s candidate meeting and the ugly lies and attacks in letters distributed since. We were speculating whether manipulation through fear will bring success in the election for those who use it. The opposition (Tatyana, Mikhail, Efim) went completely negative in everything they’ve said or written, including that despicable Pat Minichello. They do it because they expect it to work as it has in the past. Although Keith disagreed with me, personally, I think fear will work because too many people don’t bother to get informed directly. They rely on others to tell them what things mean. Even those opposition candidates regurgitate rumors instead of actually checking invoices and finances. When your source of inside information is Tatyana — someone who didn’t remember there was a window bid process or the installer she voted for — you’re likely to have a lot of facts wrong.

On one side, the side I’ve endorsed, we have Gennady, Irina, and Mark. They didn’t get up at the candidate meeting and talk about other people, they focused on the past year’s VISIBLE results and their desire to continue. While up there, they were subject to personal attacks including prying into whether someone is still happily married. Are you serious, Pat? You’re a lunatic.

In the middle there’s Peter Rey who, I admit, has made me chuckle more than once. I think he only wants what’s best for his Men’s Club but that’s his duty as president of that club. I’d rather elect him than the next three…

On the other side, we have Tatyana, Mikhail, and Efim. I don’t know Efim well but he struck me as a bit arrogant. Then again, I probably strike people that way too. At least he could speak English well, unlike Mikhail. How in the world could anyone can vote for a person who can’t function in English? He could be my best friend in the world and I’d say the same thing. All business is conducted in English; lawyers, accountants, contracts, vendors, politicians, HPD. I thought it was hilarious when he said Tatyana would translate for him since she herself is barely over the line. Ahh, Tatyana. She’s been on the board for three years and the only thing she did was to create a committee in her final year she could use to campaign for her re-election. Tatyana’s not even a real licensed architect, she just plays one for elections and no one knows better. I wish she actually knew what she was talking about, I’d endorse her if so. All she does is spend time and money without producing anything. She also constantly lies. She claimed we tried to prevent her from attending meetings with our contractors but that’s a blatant lie. The truth is that she’s been present anywhere she’s ever wanted to be but they think she’s such a drooling moron they don’t like talking to her for more than a few minutes because it wastes their time and our money. She once told us that emergency votes are wrong and against the rules until I found a vote from the 2008 meeting minutes where Tatyana passed a motion to allow emergency votes!

Supporting those three is Pat Minichello who is very good at manipulation through fear. He’s like a lawyer when he writes something cost “up to $37k” or “no more than $100k”. That could mean it cost $2. Why not write “up to $1 billion”? It would be just as true. Or when he says we were fined $10k by the FCC but fails to mention our lawyer got the fine reduced to $400 and a promise to not do it again. It’s in the minutes — which he always reads — so this was purposefully misleading. Pat, the same jerk that chased me, Keith, and Gennady to run is now playing so dirty he’d try to get Gennady evicted from his apartment in order to win power for whom he supports. I’ll never forget Pat telling me I had to be removed because I “got in the way of his payday” by continuing LP in the Mitchell-Lama program. I’ve come to believe he’s addicted to the power he has over the people who follow him so mindlessly.

What I just wrote is my own personal opinion. I won’t be slipping it under anyone’s door but I had to get it off my chest; it’s hard to be lied about and not say anything at all.