P.S. 90 5th Graders Plant Flowers

A while back, management and the board hit upon the idea of inviting P.S. 90 to do some gardening on our property; specifically the grounds by parking lot #2 across the street from the school. Planting flowers would be fun and educational for the children, get them outdoors, and beautify a small piece of our unused property at the same time. The school principal, Ms. Greta Hawkins, was very receptive to the idea and passed us on to their events coordinator, Ms. Jennifer Meisner. Our general manager, Fikret Deljanin, approached our state assemblyman, Alec Brook-Krasny, to fund the project and he generously agreed. Estelle from Fiorini Landscaping contributed her help as well and we’re grateful for it.

As far as we’re concerned, P.S. 90 is welcome to use the entire grass triangle instead of the small portion they touched today. We hope this will begin a tradition for that space and would very much enjoy seeing all the schoolchildren do this and more over the coming years.

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BBQ for Sunday, May 30th, 11am

We’ve reserved one of the grills for this upcoming Sunday to cook more of the food leftover from last week’s BBQ. You know the drill. If you’re able to bring some drinks or maybe something for the grill to share out, that would be great. If you want to hang, come hang.

Explanation For Yesterday’s Loan Notification

To All Shareholders:

Yesterday you received a letter advising you of an impending loan for window replacement. The letter is a requirement of the loan itself and you will also be receiving something similar from HPD but we’d like to explain in normal terms what this represents. It’s a template letter. There is no rent increase it’s just part of the template language they reuse for all 8A loans.

As you may have heard repeated on a number of occasions, we’ve been promised $21mil toward the large $67mil construction project currently underway. The project’s main parts are the facades, roofs, windows, some boilers, and leftover money will go to things like fixing our terraces. The $21mil comes in different parts but, and this is important, no part of the $21mil has to be repaid. The first $5mil will not be new money, instead they will forgive an existing $5mil we owe them. The next $10mil will be another loan we don’t have to pay back (a forgivable loan) which will go toward window project costs with leftover money going to the rest of the project. The final $6mil is coming directly from various politicians. Yesterday’s letter was for the $10mil forgivable loan going to windows. What you’re seeing is HPD taking steps to keep its promises to us. We will keep you informed as things progress.

Thank you,
Luna Park’s Board of Directors & Management

Dog Run Sally Ports

When we put the dog runs in, the very first feedback we received was that some dogs were escaping to the street when someone new came in. As of today, the West 12th Street dog run now has a sally port (like an airlock) and the run on West 8th will have one before the end of this week. Next up for the runs…doggie obstacles? It’s on the list although we don’t yet have the money for them. Hopefully we can raise it through charitable donations.

Affidavit of Notification to Tenants

You will all be seeing a letter under your doors today. No action is needed on anyone’s part; it’s a required notification letting you know that we’re about to be receiving the promised forgivable loan from HPD/HDC and will be applying it to windows. We’ll have a separate announcement detailing our window decision (including the bids we received) pretty soon.

A digital copy is available here.

New Picnic/BBQ Area Announcement

To All Shareholders:

Summer is about being outdoors; on the beach or barbecuing with family and friends. We’ve always had the beach but had to travel elsewhere for the grilling. No longer! The big grassy area between buildings #1 & #5 is now Luna Park’s newest shareholder convenience: a picnic/BBQ area! We’ve placed twelve picnic tables and six grills along two sides. There are also water spigots, garbage cans, and special metal cans for hot coal/ash disposal. We’ve left room to add more tables and grills as needed; we’re prepared to meet demand. Meanwhile, if you need extra space and all the tables are taken, you can bring down your own folding table. Try to keep it along the sides; the center should be for children to run and play. If you need extra cooking capacity — or are kosher — you can bring down your own grill. If you do, please position it like the fixed grills to avoid children running into them while playing in the center.

We will be painting a number on each grill and offering reservations. To reserve, come to the management office with a $50 check made out to Luna Park and you’ll get a pass for a grill. This check is only a deposit — like for elevators — and will be returned to you afterward. It’s our way of knowing who’s using the grill and that you’re a shareholder. Security personnel will have a checklist with reservations and will be enforcing it. Picnics can run late but we would like all grills to be extinguished by 8pm. Please be mindful of noise after sunset; sound travels excruciatingly well in that area.

Dog owners, we would all be very grateful if — starting now — you don’t let your dogs use this picnic area as a bathroom (at any hour). We have two shiny new dog runs and many unused areas where children won’t be playing and adults won’t be laying down reading a book or suntanning. We understand if you want your dog with you at a picnic but please and pretty please, don’t let them do their business there. It should remain a picnic area and not a minefield.

All the above is our starting point. If we have to change to address loopholes or convenience, we will do so. Common sense, consideration, and courtesy go further than a million rules. Remember you are among your neighbors and be reasonable. Please clean up after yourselves; treat this area even better than you would your own private backyard. We may not be on Park Avenue but we can still have nice things. Show it a little extra love and, not only will it be a huge success and pleasure for us all, it will encourage us to add more. Eventually we will enclose it with a nice fence but, for now, our security personnel will be paying close attention to this area, day and night. Undercover officers from the 60th Precinct will also be patrolling and we’re installing additional lighting to the area (and dog runs too.)

None of this would’ve been possible without the hard work of our management and maintenance. The current board is well aware of the extra burden our projects represent but Luna Park’s staff handle it like champs. It’s easier to come up with an idea than to make it happen and manage it long after we’re gone. Thank you very much from us all.

Luna Park’s Board of Directors

A digital copy is available here.

Open Town Hall Meeting Reminder

To All Shareholders:

We would like to remind you of our upcoming town hall meeting next week on June 1st at 7pm in the senior center. All directors will be in attendance as well as representatives from Jack Lawrence & Co. (accountant), Lawless & Mangione (architect), Superstructures (owner’s rep), and Technical Construction (contractor). This is your chance. If you have questions, ask them. If you have complaints, express them. And if you like something and want to see more, tell us so we know to do it.

Thank you,
Luna Park’s Board of Directors & Management