New Meeting Minutes Posted

February 25, 2010 meeting minutes posted.


Announcement for Owner’s Rep & General Manager

To All Shareholders:

We’d like to inform you of two very important items. First, the board has hired Superstructures ( to serve as Luna Park’s owner’s rep. Their primary purpose will be to oversee all the construction and related tasks with an eye toward saving us money and heading off potential problems. Superstructures is a large and resourceful NY-based architect/engineering firm with over 25 years in business, excellent references, a strong sense of professionalism, and a methodical style which put them ahead of four other bidders (Howard Zimmerman, Lovett, Rand, and WG). With their oversight we feel confident the shareholders will be better protected throughout the process.

Second, after a somewhat lengthy search, we’re happy to announce the addition of a new general manager, Fikret Deljanin, to replace Don Haslett. Although the ladies in our front office have done a remarkable job keeping our operations running smoothly, there is no substitute for a general manager on the premises. Fikret has over 15 years of experience in property management as well as other related disciplines that helped win him the unanimous approval of the board. Please join us in welcoming Fikret.

The board is excited with the new additions to Luna Park’s team and, as always, intends to leverage them for the utmost benefit to the shareholders and our cooperative. We will all continue to work hard to find ways to improve our collective home and, with more hands to the task, you will see results.

Luna Park’s Board of Directors