Gym Enrollment Starting 10/25

To All Shareholders:

Our office will begin accepting gym enrollments on Monday, October 25th in advance of our soon-to-be-announced grand opening. All Luna Park residents will be able to enroll so don’t camp outside the office like it’s a new iPhone release. The official gym policy and waiver documents will be viewable at and also be given to new members at signup. The important highlights are as follows: You must be 18+ years of age (we might change this later.) If you hurt yourself or damage our property, you’re responsible. If you’re a pig, rude to your fellow members, or sneak in unregistered guests, we will revoke your membership and ban you. Gym hours will be 5am-midnight (if we need to adjust the hours, we will.) There are three parts to gym membership: 1) key fob, 2) laminated ID card, and 3) annual subscription.

1) The key fob to access the gym will be the same one you use to get into your building lobby; you won’t need to carry two. Only paid members will get the special gym access; it’s controlled from a central computer system so we can change it as needed without replacing the fob. We’ll describe the key fobs in more detail in another letter but there will be a one-time $15 deposit per fob that you get back when you surrender the fob. Lose the fob, lose the deposit.

2) We need to verify the person holding the fob is the one subscribed as a member. A card with a picture does that so you’ll need it with you whenever in the gym. There will be a $5 fee for making the card (it might end up less than $5) which you’ll have to pay once a year when your membership renews.

3) You’ll be required to fill out a registration form and sign a liability waiver. We will only have one type of subscription: annual from 1/1-12/31. Everyone will be on that schedule and renew on 1/1. Joining in the middle of the year will result in a prorated cost for the remainder of that year and then, starting at the next 1/1, you renew like everyone else at full price. We won’t be issuing refunds if you decide to cancel halfway through the year because one of the ways we’re keeping this cheap is by avoiding complexity in managing the gym. You’ll have two weeks after signup or renewal to cancel and get a refund.

We know our gym won’t be perfect on the first day, and we also expect some early crowding that will smooth out after a little while, so anyone joining in 2010 will get the remainder of the year for free plus all of 2011 for $100 plus card and fob fees. You won’t be charged anything at all until the gym officially opens for use! We’ll be eager to hear your feedback but please be constructive and patient with us. We’ll have more information on lockers, attendants, personal trainers, and saunas after the gym’s first phase is up and running. We expect the gym to pay for itself and become profitable in under two years.

Luna Park’s Board of Directors & Management