Fibromyalgia Association Update

Start Time Now – thru May 12 at 11:30pm

Location New York Fibromyalgia Association, Brooklyn NY

Created By Kris Laverdure Corleone


New York Fibromyalgia Association, Inc. is calling it “500 for Fibro”
We need 500 members signed up by May 12th – by doing this, TD Bank will make a donation of 10% to our cause when anyone who already has an account or anyone opens a new account requests to be added onto the “AFFINTIY PLAN” under “New York Fibromyalgia Association, Inc.” This does not in any way affect YOUR account. It only helps the cause.
Please join us by signing up online through facebook or by coming to our meetings if you or someone you know has this painful chronic syndrome called FIBROMYALGIA. You do NOT have to be local in order to help out. You do NOT have to be on Facebook to sign up either. To Avoid Facebook (as I know some people will want) & (knowing TD Bank is only on the East Coast), you can sign up by emailing a reply (not “reply all” please) to me with the phrase “PLEASE SIGN ME UP”  (be sure to sign your name as you would like it to appear on the website.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Kris Corleone – Founder/President


BUSINESSES: If you would like your business listed on our website for this event, please let me know. All you need to do is make a monetary donation through your company name.

Kris Corleone

N.Y. Fibromyalgia Association


Email: or



2010 Income Affidavit

As you all are aware by now. The 2010 Income Affidavits were placed under your doors today. You will notice on our cover letter in bold letters “NEW IMPORTANT”. In past years those individuals who selected not to disclose their annual income were able to do so and accept the maximum surcharge. Well, a new ruling was enacted were everyone needs to disclose. The attached link provides you with the same copies placed under your door just in case errors are made. If you need additional copies and you are not able to print them yourself, please feel free to contact the management office and we will send additional copies to you. Please honor the time period to return your affidavit and a void useless charges and time spent correcting late filings by our office staff. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Pet/Dog Fines

After reading the attached link, you may feel this does not concern you, but the opposite. This concerns all residents. We turn to you for help in enforcing these rules. If we want to have a pleasant environment, everyone needs to participate in this effort. Please report pet violations to the management office. Our security officers will be enforcing these rules. Take a picture of anyone violating our property. Any reporting will be confidential or you can drop off any correspondence unmarked in our mail slot. Remember, you live here, this is your home, so let’s treat it with the same respect you want and deserve.

Parking Lot #6 Update

It was unfortunate that the arm gave everyone so many problems right off the bat, but several modifications were made and triple tested that we have an operable arm. Effective March 1st starting at 6am the arm will be in service. As an added precaution our head of security, Mr. Perez will man the arm to make sure no one has issues with the arm and/or your remotes. If you have an issue with the remote not functioning, it is probably do to a faulty battery. Mr. Perez will have extra batteries just in case your current battery is out of service.

Going forward, if you have an issue were the arm will not rise, please do not force the arm to open as it will have the potential to create multiple mechanical malfunctions. Security has been instructed to respond to any calls relating to the arm not working properly and they will come over to  assist. Security can be reached at 718-266-6930.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Building #4 Walkway Construction Closures

The site safety plan has been approved by the Department of Buildings (DOB) pertaining to the next phase of construction which will affect all residents in building #4. Please take a moment and view the attached layout indicating closures and the re-direction of foot traffic to and from the building. You will notice that the front entrance will be blocked off for any use other than construction use. There will be a temporary ramp installed behind the building which will direct traffic towards west 8th street. Closure mobilization will commence the week of February 28th.

Window Project Update

This morning we visited Champion Window factory in Syosset, Long Island to have the pressure and water test performed. Both tests were succesful. Now, this coming Thursday these windows will be installed in apartment 1C (building #5). The Board of Directors will view the final sample windows at which time they will give the green light to mass produce and start our window replacement project some time in mid-March. In addition, one last water test will be performed on March 3rd and hopefully that will be succesful as well. We will keep you posted on the results. Please view the attached links below showing you some pictures of our visit.