Board Meeting – 10/5

Tonight’s meeting was all about security. As mentioned in my previous post, we had an incident on Sunday where some teens robbed another teen at knife-point. Those robbers are apparently staying as guests in a Luna Park apartment (we know this because they’ve been arrested) and the victim is also a resident.

Crime statistics are up all over the city and the cops can only do so much. It falls on us to escalate our response. The full board met with the leadership of Park Avenue Security and gave them a very simple goal: to make Luna Park unwelcome to everyone that misbehaves or doesn’t belong. We want residents to feel safe! We discussed and came up with some steps. Existing security personnel will be shifted around to focus on trouble spots and times. They will also be subject to more stringent quality control so they’re doing their jobs and confronting problems. We will have two golf carts with handgun-carrying guards (retired cops or military) driving around during certain shifts, seven days a week. All guards will be armed with cameras and instructions to break up groups and discourage trespassing. Troublemakers that live here will either be reined in by parents or the families will be dealing with our attorneys. This is also true for residents bringing outside troublemakers to our property. If you’re the parent of a teenager or someone trying too hard to be cool on the streets, warn him/her that their poor judgement might have consequences for your entire household.

As we finalize the details get this rolling we’ll send out an official letter expressing these same sentiments but readers here get the news first.