Parking Lot #6 Update

It was unfortunate that the arm gave everyone so many problems right off the bat, but several modifications were made and triple tested that we have an operable arm. Effective March 1st starting at 6am the arm will be in service. As an added precaution our head of security, Mr. Perez will man the arm to make sure no one has issues with the arm and/or your remotes. If you have an issue with the remote not functioning, it is probably do to a faulty battery. Mr. Perez will have extra batteries just in case your current battery is out of service.

Going forward, if you have an issue were the arm will not rise, please do not force the arm to open as it will have the potential to create multiple mechanical malfunctions. Security has been instructed to respond to any calls relating to the arm not working properly and they will come over to  assist. Security can be reached at 718-266-6930.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.