Key Fob Update

I would like to thank all residents who have been able to obtain their key fobs and/or proximity cards, but we still have 457 residents who have not been able to pick up their fobs or cards. This afternoon, notices went out to these residents. We have given our personal time by staying open until 7pm on Thursdays and being open on Saturdays. So we ask the final 457 residents, to make every effort and pick up their fobs or cards.

We will start programming key fobs and cards for building #1 on February 22, 2011. It is estimated that we will complete building #1 by February 25, 2011, than building#2, 3, 4 & 5 will follow. Once we complete a building, a memo will be sent to you advising the conversion and throw your key away.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.