Two Buildings at Once Update

The approvals, permit filings are in. You may have noticed that preparations for the mobilization of the mast climbers have started on building #4. We will have important information on the walkways that will be effected by closure early next week. At the moment the perimeter facing re-direction of foot traffic will be the front of the building facing the center court yard.Wings 2898 & 2900 will be the first phase of demolition and re-construction. A temporary ramp will be built on the backside facing west 8th street. Your only access to building #4 will be from west 8th street, that will also include your means of access to parking lot #5. Please stay tuned next week for more information, but everyone in wings 2898 & 2900 should start removing their air conditioners. As the board approved our maintenance staff to remove air conditioners for all in Building #5 for no charge, this will continue for all the buildings when they will be effected by the construction project.Our maintenance staff is available to remove your air conditioners for no charge. They can be reached at 718-266-6025.

Once the mast climbers are up, building #1 will start with mobilization soon after. This is great news in an effort the board worked on so diligently to speed up the construction which will minimize the inconvenience for all down to a potential two years less and reduce professional services which equals savings for Luna Park