Luna Park’s New Gym

Aside from an in-ground pool, nothing has drawn as much interest as the possibility of a gym. While at first we didn’t think it was feasible, the tireless work of Eugene Lyubronetsky and Gennady Rotberg (along with our awesome management and staff) showed us that a gym wasn’t only feasible, it would likely pay for itself in just over a year! Once convinced, we spent months striving to make this gym a reality. A lot of time, research, and legwork have gone into figuring out our options and getting the best prices…and then driving them even lower! We saved a lot of money by having our own maintenance do what work they could and we’re very lucky to have such skilled people on hand.

The gym will occupy the space in building #2 formerly used by the Men’s Club. It will include their whole space plus some of the adjacent room. It’ll have new equipment, its own bathroom, rubber floors, and some wall sections will be mirrored for gazing at your own rapidly improving appearance. We’re still working out whether we can put lockers there or in the next room but we won’t let that hold up our grand opening. We’ve included a tentative layout of the gym although, as always, everything is subject to change.

Membership will be on an individual basis at a cost of $100/year and only tenants can join. Our soon-to-be-introduced key fob system will restrict access to paid members and it will be under surveillance by cameras and security personnel. There’ll be some sort of picture ID requirement as well but we’re still working out the fine points. We haven’t finalized the hours but it’ll open very early and close very late to accommodate most time schedules.

The work is proceeding well and we expect the gym to be ready end of October/early November. We’re unable to set a firm date because we have to roll out the key fobs simultaneously but we wanted you to know what’s coming. There will be another announcement prior to the grand opening which will go into further detail on how to sign up and what the gym policies will be.

Our goal in this, as in all things, was to make the best use of Luna Park’s property for the benefit of its shareholders. We don’t stop working when the meetings adjourn; this gym is one more example of that. Next up…saunas? We’re looking into it.

Luna Park’s Board of Directors