Board Meeting – 9/21

Some highlights from tonight’s meeting:

  1. We’re still awaiting the implementation dates for the fence and key fobs.
  2. We approved rubber flooring and equipment bids for the new gym.
  3. We’re going to remove the corner benches at the southeast corner of the picnic area. They are a constant trouble spot for security; drugs, rowdy groups, etc.
  4. We’ll be adding more lighting to areas identified by Coordinator Perez.
  5. As mentioned before, we’ll be publishing our parking list online so anyone interested can monitor it. The entire list process will be simplified to avoid confusion and eliminate opportunities for improper behavior. There will be no more extensions or preference lists and, once you’re assigned a number, that’s your number until you get a spot. It will work like a deli counter where you take a ticket and the “now serving sign” changes. There will be an official letter explaining this soon.