P.S. 90 5th Graders Plant Flowers

A while back, management and the board hit upon the idea of inviting P.S. 90 to do some gardening on our property; specifically the grounds by parking lot #2 across the street from the school. Planting flowers would be fun and educational for the children, get them outdoors, and beautify a small piece of our unused property at the same time. The school principal, Ms. Greta Hawkins, was very receptive to the idea and passed us on to their events coordinator, Ms. Jennifer Meisner. Our general manager, Fikret Deljanin, approached our state assemblyman, Alec Brook-Krasny, to fund the project and he generously agreed. Estelle from Fiorini Landscaping contributed her help as well and we’re grateful for it.

As far as we’re concerned, P.S. 90 is welcome to use the entire grass triangle instead of the small portion they touched today. We hope this will begin a tradition for that space and would very much enjoy seeing all the schoolchildren do this and more over the coming years.

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