Window Installation Schedule for 2958 West 8th Street

Attached link below is the calendar for window installations at wing 2958 West 8th Street. It is with regret that the attached schedule is being provided with such short notice, but the window installation project was in jeopardy of coming to a stop as of tomorrow.

The issue we were faced with was the inability of HPD allowing for 8A Funding to cover the costs associated with the labor and materials needed for the window guards and AC installations.

The Board of Directors were placed in a situation with very little positive options. HPD told us to back charge all the residents for these two items and the Board refused to accept this option.  A very special thank you must go to Anna Treybich as she was relentless with HPD, NYC comptroller’s Office and NYC Office of Management & Budgeting, her efforts demonstrated to be proof positive for all residents of Luna Park.

Just a short while ago, HPD confirmed that they will allow for the window guards and air conditioner installations to be funded by our 8A grant proceeds.

With that situation behind us, Ecker Window Corp. will have materials necessary to start the window guard and AC installations by the end of this week. We will provide further details on scheduling your installations shortly. Ecker Window Corp. is confident that they will be able to start AC installations by next Wednesday.

Remember, do not try to install your air conditioners on your own as you will create damage and void the warranties that come with our new windows. Please be patient as you have been up until this point and wait a few more days. 


Fikret M Deljanin

General Manager