Improper AC Installation

Brand new windows are being destroyed by incompetent AC installers. Please take a look at what has already happened by a resident in 2960 West 8th Street. His in-patience will cost him. Now, we need to have this window replaced and guess who will pay for it….you are correct, THE RESIDENT SHAREHOLDER! This is not a game, do not take things into your own hand as you will risk damaging the windows. When asked who installed the AC the resident  stated ” HE IS A SPECIALIST” .Well, this specialist comes with a hefty price tag. Ecker Window Corp is the only authorized installer at Luna Park, so let them do the install and it will not cost you a cent. Please view the attached photo links below showing the improper  installation. The exterior bracket is to rest on the facade under the window sill not on the window frame. Ecker’s installation will not have a single screw penetrating the windows.