New Window Installation Project Update

As you all are aware from prior correspondence, our window project is being held up by the Site Safety Manager (SSM) issue with the Department of Buildings. It is with great pleasure to advise everyone that the SSM issue has been resolved. The Department of Buildings has approved the exemption for the need of the SSM. The project will go forward within the next two to three weeks. We will provide further details on the logistic plan shortly.

I would like to take this time and thank everyone who spent numerous hours on this issue and was relentless on a positive outcome for Luna Park;  our Board of Directors, Len Ritz (Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C.) Marius Ebner (Owners Representative), William Struth & Basil Taha (Architects of Record).

We need to single out one individual who had the greatest impact with the Department of Buildings and that extra gratitude must go to our Board President, Keith Murphy. Keith was in close proximity with the head of the B.E.S.T squad which influenced this positive decision by the Department of Buildings.  Keith and the entire Board of Directors persevered and saved Luna Park $200,000 in unforeseen expenses.