Follow Up Snow Update

Lot # 6 occupants will notice that we have taken over a few spots with mini mountains in place of your vehicle. Unfortunately, we had no choice do to the huge volume of snow. We will free up your spots  tomorrow morning. If you need a temporary spot for tonight, please contact security and they will provide you with a spot in the senior center on west 12th street. Security will provide you with a temporary pass. We apologize for any further inconveniences, but it was necessary in an attempt to speed up the plowing and minimize productivity.

Lot # 4 occupants will notice that we have cleared 98% of your lot. The final 2% will be cleared at 7am tomorrow morning.

Lot # 2 occupants will notice that we have plowed a sufficient amount of snow for you to have the ability to exit the lot and return. A final plow will follow in the morning.

Lot # 1 occupants, I wish we had a better ratio to provide, but 25 vehicles in the rear of the lot facing the public park are still snowed in. The entire lot should be free of snow by noon time.

One final note, it was estimated that this snow removal project will take three days to conquer. It is with great pleasure to announce that we will be able to free Luna Park from this ordeal by tomorrow noon time.

I would like to pay special thanks to our maintenance staff and Technical Construction for giving 150% and going non-stop since 7am this morning until 9pm tonight. These wonderful gentlemen were willing to complete the task at hand, but fatigue was setting in and it was evident with fatigue potential injuries can follow.

Kudos gentlemen kudos!

We will resume 7am tomorrow morning. Thank you for your cooperation in a situation that was unforseen and under estimated.