Snow Update

The city obviously didn’t do a good job cleaning the roads around us (and elsewhere) so the snow removal service we’ve used in the past wasn’t able to reach us. All we have on-hand are some shovels and the tractor we use to pull garbage bins. We’ve been using it but it doesn’t have the power or capability of a mini-bulldozer normally used for this work. We also found ourselves short on manpower as our own personnel couldn’t make it to work or are on vacation for the holidays. We’ve made an arrangement with TCS — the contractor doing the facade replacement — to do snow removal for us. If all goes as planned, tomorrow early morning they will have 6 mini-bulldozers on-site to clear our paths and lots. By now our terraces should’ve all been salted to provide a relatively safe path between wings and elevator.

If you have kids and aren’t going to work, you should take them out to play in the snow. We can open the picnic area so they’re in a safe space while they frolic.

If you use mass transit, be sure to check the MTA site.

I’ll post more info as I get it. Be constructive in the comments or you will be mocked mercilessly. Remain calm…all is well: