Parking Waiting List

To all shareholders:

As promised, we will begin maintaining a version of our waiting list for online viewing and it’ll be updated around the first of each month. Going forward, your number won’t change. Instead, the number up for a spot will change. This system makes it impossible to sneak someone ahead of you. Example: You are #3 for lot #6 and we just gave #1 on the list a spot. In the old system everyone moved up a number so you would become #2 but it was also possible to make someone from outside #2 and you might not notice. Now, if #1 gets a spot, we say #2 will be served next and that person already knows he’s #2 just like you know you will always be #3. Any questions?

If your number has changed on this new list, it’s because we got rid of all the exception lists. Some people had taken an extension when they were up for a spot so we had to add them back to the top. Next time a spot comes up, they will either have to take it right there or they will lose their place. We expect the top of the list will move quickly through those people.

Without further ado, here’s the link.

Luna Park’s Board of Directors & Management