Board Meeting – 11/4

Some highlights from tonight’s meeting:

  1. Our new officers are Keith as President, Anna as VP, Gennady as Secretary, Eugene as Asst. Secretary, Mark as Treasurer, and Sherrie as Asst. Treasurer.
  2. We’ve changed our key fob approach slightly which will be explained in a letter soon to follow.
  3. We approved a mirror vendor for the gym. We went with the cheapest since they were all offering the same thing.
  4. We finalized the new simplified parking list and policy. Fikret told us the list should be ready for publishing here early next week.
  5. We’re going to be doing new floor tiles in every hallway. We agreed on a color/pattern and we’re going to save millions by doing it in-house slowly over the next two years.
  6. We’re waiting for one more bid on elevator inspections. We want an independent consultant to come in and tell us why they keep breaking down.

You can see the directors on this blog page: