Election to be challenged?

We haven’t even received the certified results but I just heard that a group led by Tatyana and Pat will be angling to challenge the election and tie us up for months with costly legal actions. Pat’s already cost LP over $50k over the years, is it necessary to go higher? If the board could tamper with the results why didn’t they stop me, Keith, Gennady, and Sally from winning last year? Anna definitely didn’t want us to win and we used the same approach with bar-coded proxies and ID for voting. This is from Honest Ballot’s website:

Because of our strict attention to detail, our expert staff and the scrupulous procedures we adhere to, not one of the more than 25,000 elections we have conducted or supervised has ever been voided for any reason, or found unacceptable by any membership.

Do they really believe that a company in business for over 100 years is going to ruin its record for some co-op board? I guess it’s unimaginable that the reality of her popularity not match what’s in her mind.

Since I’m talking about the election, I might as well share the interim results. I repeat, these are INTERIM RESULTS which means they’re not yet certified by Honest Ballot and are subject to change but they serve as basis for the challenge:

887 total votes cast

Gennady Rotberg – 507 votes
Irina Zeltser – 466 votes
Mark Tsalner – 432 votes

Tatyana Yezerskaya – 369 votes
Efim Vitomsky – 348 votes
Mikhail Diner – 340 votes
Peter Rey – 92 votes

By-Law Amendment – 452 FOR, 129 AGAINST.

I’ll say it: I was wrong, Keith and the others were right. Maybe fear didn’t work and results did? I felt a candidate win was highly unlikely and sort of moped around for the last two weeks but the by-law amendment win was a no-brainer; I don’t even understand how as many as 129 people could vote against it. Either you trust us and take our recommendation to vote yes or you don’t trust us and vote yes to restrict us. I’m at a loss to explain Gennady’s huge lead even though I know he’s a nice guy. His wacky three-legged dog must’ve earned him the sympathy vote or Pat’s dirty attempt to throw him under the bus really backfired.

I know that losing is always a bitter pill to swallow but I hope that whatever’s next is constructive. It’s possible to be in opposition without accusation. I also have some hard feelings about things said but would rather move past them. I’d like the other candidates to know that if they invite me over for some tea or wine, I’ll make time to answer all their questions one-on-one. I’m sure other directors would make themselves similarly available if asked. If we don’t clarify the facts and get misunderstandings out of the way it’ll just happen all over again next year.