Tony Donadio’s Semi-Retirement

To All Shareholders:

For over a decade, Tony Donadio has been a fixture at Luna Park. As Director of Operations, he knows our buildings better than anyone and has given us his best efforts at keeping them running. He has organized maintenance, overseen our many major projects, and kept our relationships positive with unions and vendors. He’s been an important thread of continuity in a period of much change and has been key in preserving facts and history for Luna Park we would’ve otherwise lost to time and incomplete records. Despite being only 70 years young — and with the energy and strength of a man 30 years younger — he has decided to take extra personal time to enjoy life and family.

Generous in his understanding that Luna Park is in the midst of the largest project it has ever undertaken (since first being built), he’s not completely leaving us. Rather, he will scale down into a semi-retirement that has him in the office three days a week but available to us whenever we need him. Not only will this keep our course steady, it will allow a timely and orderly hand-off of responsibilities, knowledge, and experience to our already-capable superintendent, Eric Szurant. The board looks forward to driving Eric as insane as we do everyone that works for us. Just kidding…maybe.

We are NOT saying goodbye to Tony but we are a bit jealous of his newly-found extra free time. Congratulations, Tony!

Luna Park’s Board of Directors