New Luna Park Safety & Compliance Coordinator Hired

To all shareholders:

It is very rare to find oneself served by someone who truly loves his job. Someone who takes it seriously and dedicates himself fully to the work and the people. Over the past 3 1/2 years we’ve all come to recognize Raymond Perez, a supervisor from Park Avenue Security, as one of those people. Luna Park’s directors rarely agree but both current and former directors agree on that. He’s been a huge asset in his role as a security supervisor and constantly went above and beyond his duties; whether it be stopping someone from jumping off our roof or going after drug dealers, he’s earned respect from all of us.

Our recently-formed Security Committee, led by Gennady Rotberg and Eugene Lyubronetsky, broached the topic of hiring Raymond Perez as a direct employee of Luna Park to oversee all safety and enforcement issues. He would still work patrols as before but would also oversee our security company to make sure it works as hard and well as he does. They brought the proposal to the board where it was met with unanimous approval and so we are happy to announce that, as of the first week of August, Raymond Perez is now Luna Park’s Safety & Compliance Coordinator. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming him to the team.

On a similar note, the board has solicited, received, and reviewed bids from six different security companies. After careful consideration we have decided to grant Park Avenue Security a contract to continue at the same rate for another term.

Luna Park’s Board of Directors