Board Meeting – 8/3

Some highlights from tonight’s meeting:

  1. We caught up on all previous meeting minute approvals.
  2. After considering — I think it was 6 — different security company bids we authorized a new contract to be signed with Park Avenue Security at the same rate we’ve been paying them for the last 3 years.
  3. The anti-car stanchions by the senior center should be up no later than next week. We already have them.
  4. We’re petitioning HPD to let us publish our parking lot waiting list (with the names changed to initials.) We’re also planning to simplify how the waiting list is maintained. The motivation for all this is transparency to the shareholders. If everyone sees the list and has a record of how it changes then there will be no opportunity for mischief.
  5. We approved an 8′ tall wrought iron fence to be installed around the picnic area.
  6. We’re going to change some of our phone lines to Optimum Voice and save around $12k a year.
  7. We have most of the pieces for moving forward on the gym. We agreed to have Tony and Fikret try to finagle some more savings out of the final plan which we’ll agree to in two weeks or less.