Optional Window Soundproofing Upgrades

Someone asked whether residents could choose to pay extra out of their own pockets for higher soundproofing in the new windows. It sounded like an interesting idea. Today I discussed it with our architect, Lawless & Mangione, but they shot it down. As they explained, in theory it’s possible to ask residents to order and pay in advance so that the window manufacturer can fabricate two batches of windows — the ones we ordered for Luna Park and the special upgrades. In practice, unfortunately, there are problems with that.

First, the fewer windows we order of the normal batch, the more each of those normal windows costs. That means the price we already agreed on would go up.

Second, when it comes time to install, having two separate batches complicate the logistics tremendously. With only one set of windows, they only have to group them by where they go per wing like “living room window #1” or “bedroom window #2” because everything is measured precisely. They then start at the top floor and work their way down which also includes skipping some apartments that aren’t ready or home when they’re supposed to be. With two sets of windows, they have to group them per wing by type but then do the same for specific apartments that paid. Although this is possible, it again adds to our base installation cost because it’s more work for them.

Third, we’re expected to have available replacement window panes if they break. Although it will cost a resident to repair if they break it, the cost is lower because we get them to make a bunch for storage against the inevitable. We will not do that for special upgrade windows which will make it much more expensive to repair which means they will also take longer to fix.

It was a good suggestion if all it meant was some residents could pay extra money and get more soundproofing in their windows but the added complexity and cost to Luna Park and the entire task means it’s not feasible for us. The windows we’re getting will be good ones. Between the new windows and bricks, external sounds will be much more muffled than they are now.