Board Meeting – 7/21

Some highlights from tonight’s meeting:

We know we’re behind on minutes. Two will be published in the next day or so and then two more by the next meeting in two weeks.

We’re aware the condition of many building hallway tiles is abysmal. Keith organized a survey and now we’re going to get bids on the asbestos tile removal and the new tile installation.

We went over what we have for the gym project and determined what we need to make a decision. We should hopefully have all that by our next meeting at which point we decide how we want to do it and begin looking for the money to pay for it. If all goes well we’ll have a gym this fall.

We’ve applied for a bunch of free trees from the NY Restoration Project. They did a tour of our property and will deliver a planting proposal to us. We’ll use that to decide the actual implementation and go from there. The main motivation was to create tree shade for all the picnic tables in the coming years.