July 4th BBQ (with extra fun for kids)

We’ve reserved grill #7 (with some use of grill #5 too) for a community-style BBQ on July 4th. As always, this will be a privately-funded event. We hope that those participating will contribute food and drinks to be shared out; as much as you can comfortably spare. Those that can’t contribute are still welcome to share until the food runs out. We don’t know how many people will be out there so bring folding chairs if you have them. If you have coolers with ice, please bring those too. We’ll try to accommodate everyone but there’s only so much we can cook at any given time. Come prepared to enjoy the sun and we’ll do our best.

Fikret Deljanin (our general manager) and Larry Vitelli (from Douglas Elliman) have donated their own money to rent an inflatable bouncer to be setup on the lawn from 2-5pm. Along with the bouncer will be a cotton candy machine! Gennady Rotberg, John Shkolnik, Eugene Lyubronetsky, and Tony Donadio (our Director of Operations) have donated their own money to buy two decently-sized inflatable pools for children to play in on weekends and holidays.

Absolutely ZERO of Luna Park’s money is being used for any of it.

See you outside!
Luna Park’s Board of Directors and Management

Inflatable Bouncer
Inflatable Pool