A/C Discussion for wings 2954 & 2956

To all shareholders in 2954 and 2956:

If you want to talk about the a/c issue in wings under construction, some of the directors will be available to discuss it tonight (Thursday May 3) at 7:30pm by the benches right outside building #5. The discussion will focus only on this one topic.

For this blog post only, I’ve also added an example of how we currently calculate the a/c credit because someone thought there was a mistake in this month’s bill. Each month you get a credit you must still also pay what you would’ve owed that month for each unit otherwise you get back more than you ever paid. You will notice that in the wrong payment schedule, the amount credited actually exceeds the amount a person will pay over the entire year. Done correctly, the tenant will end up having paid only $20 per unit for the entire year. Very fair.