Picnic Area Clarifications

A few concerns were raised last night that I thought were worth clarifying here.

  • You do not need a reservation to use a grill but, if you don’t have a reservation and someone else does, you will be asked to vacate the reserved grill. We will publish a list somehow to make sure everyone knows what the reservations are.
  • We are going to number the tables so that if you’re reserved for grill #1 you’re also assured table #1.
  • The plan from day one has been to enclose the picnic area in a nice fence, not cheap chain link. The reason we didn’t do it first is because we want to implement a magnetic card access system for all of Luna Park like Oceana and Trump use. We weren’t able to do the card system by the start of summer so decided to do the picnic area first to have it available for the entire season. The magnetic card system is a high priority and we will be talking to vendors this month.
  • Security is a big concern for us. We’re working with our security vendor to increase vigilance in that area at night and on the weekends.