Thoughts From Last Night

I attended last night’s informal meeting along with some other directors and I wanted to post some of my own personal thoughts. First, I’m sorry that shareholders called that meeting; the directors should’ve been the ones to call it but we dropped the ball. That hit me the moment I saw the flyer. Most of the questions had straightforward answers and that was the worst part because we could’ve saved a lot of confusion if we’d gotten those answers out earlier. We’ll do better on modes of communication and the information we send out. We have a couple of things in the works that will help and we’re going to announce a town hall meeting very soon but have to first make sure all the invited guests will be available on the proposed date.

A point was raised about the meeting minutes. They do need to be more detailed and I’m going to ask the board to once again show names associated to motions and votes. I was initially for the anonymity but I can admit I’ve made the wrong choice when presented with a good opposing argument.

A point was raised about the a/c charges for people who’ve had to remove their units due to construction. The board has researched and debated this before; it’s made complicated by a number of factors which I won’t go into here but they’re no excuse for not doing something reasonably fair. I made a promise to the tenant who brought this up that I’d make it my priority to find a solution and propose it to the board. I intend to accomplish that today and have something to announce shortly thereafter.

I was also called a crook and part of a complicated conspiracy which I believe is how Luna Park officially welcomes all its new board members. A gift certificate to the local diner would’ve been nicer but I’ll take what I can get.