Creation of two new Committees: “Security” and “Alternative Revenue”

To All Shareholders:

The board has authorized the creation of two more committees, “Security” and “Alternative Revenue”; both to be co-chaired by Gennady Rotberg and Eugene Lyubronetsky. The Security committee will focus on making Luna Park safer while the Alternative Revenue committee will strive to find new ways for Luna Park to both earn and save money (leasing commercial space, repurposing empty spaces, “greening” efforts, etc). They will work as a team to assemble ideas, come up with options on how they can be implemented, and present them to the board for final approval.

Each committee will consist of up to 8 volunteers (excluding the directors.) Communication will be mostly via email and phone with occasional in-person meetings and an initial introduction of the committee members. We will try to have in-person meeting once a month if time allows.

If you’d like to volunteer and are willing to commit to serving for at least a year, please send an email to with a brief introduction of who you are and how you can help the committee. Make sure to use a descriptive subject line to keep it from being confused as spam. If you don’t have email, you can drop a letter in the shareholder box outside the management office with the same information along with your contact information.