MyLunaPark Announcement

December 10, 2009

To: All Shareholders
From: Keith Murphy-President of the Board

To All Shareholders,

As part of the board of directors’ commitment to increase opportunities for shareholder communication, we’re happy to announce the creation of ( Among other things, you will find personal thoughts from any directors willing to post them, official public notices, useful links, and a file archive. We have no intention of getting rid of the old paper letters and notices, they will simply appear online now as well as in lobbies or under doors. Unlike paper, they will remain available in the archive forever after. You will also find blank forms you’d normally have to wait in line at the management office for.

This is the beginning stage of what we hope will become a very useful part of your participation in Luna Park’s present and future. Please be patient as we slowly assemble files for our archive and incorporate our ideas – and yours – into the site. You can leave comments on our posts with your own thoughts and suggestions.

Keith R. Murphy – President

(stored in file archive here)