Teleconferencing & Web Meetings

As I mentioned before, the board has operated archaically. Lots of in-person meetings. This is a big problem for those of us with jobs that actually pay for our presence. Fortunately, the board agreed that our processes could use some modernization. This blog is one example, our new teleconferencing is another. We now have the ability to setup teleconferences that can be digitally recorded. Handy for quick votes and discussions; the shareholders benefit when more business can get done in a timely fashion.

Although right now it’s just used for private board meetings, the vendor can handle very large virtual meetings. There are no promises as to what we’ll do, and no post here should be construed as one, but wouldn’t it be great to dial into a shareholder announcement, annual meeting or view it as a web meeting when you can’t physically attend? I think that’d be pretty cool.